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The Everex gPC2 (The $200 Linux Machine)

Many People have been interested in the Everex gPC2. The famed 200 dollar linux PC. While plenty of info is available online about the circumstances of this PC, not too much tech-spec info is available.

This Post is dedicated to the people who want to find answers to the machinery of this PC.

Now I won’t list off the individual parts and specs, but they are readily available on Newegg’s Specification List for the gPC2, though I will tell you a few bits of info that i could have used:

  1. VIA C7-D processor runs like a late-model Pentium 4
  2. To Access the Phoenix Award BIOS: hold “DEL” Key instead of “F2”
  3. gOS (comes loaded standard) is slow and poor-quality. Switch to a more main-stream distribution of Ubuntu.
  4. Runs Windows XP Pro, great!
  5. CPU and Entire computer runs VERY cool, and quiet.

This computer is a great buy for those looking for an inexpensive x86 based Computer. Or for those interested in a nice novelty computer!