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The Return of the Coolest of All BSD Variants (Darwin OS)

For those of you who know a bit about me, you should know that I love UNIX. And all UNIX related things. Though out of all forms of UNIX, my favorite branch is the BSD family, or Berkley Software Distribution. And my favorite branch of BSD is the Darwin Variant. This includes OSX, OSX Touch, and the Darwin Operating System. For some time now however. To get a bootable version of Standalone Darwin, you were mostly out of luck. There were a few ISOs floating around the nets but in general these were either very confusing to use, or flat out worthless. Apple Computers had discontinued their support of the OpenDarwin project, and thus the last of the stable versions had gone the way of world.

But now I am happy to inform anyone who is interested that a new Darwin OS project has emerged. Called PureDarwin. This promises to be a great project and I encourage everyone who loves Darwin and Hexley, to check out this project and try out the Pre-Release: PureDarwin nano. I personally have not tried it, as I am a little strapped computer wise, and don’t have a computer that I can install it on. It is set up to run on VMware player, but I don’t have one yet. If anyone tries it before me, please let me know how it is!